For Photographers: ONA Bag Review (The Palma)

I’m usually not one to post a lot of photographer reviews (perhaps that will change), but I’ve got one for you today.

I’ve been on a search for the “perfect” camera bag for quite some time. Until now, I’ve been utilizing a combination of the following to carry my gear: StudioCruzer Pelican Case (transporting all gear), LowePro Slingshot (outdoor backpack), and a Shootsac (day-of wedding: storing lenses and other small items). All of these are great for photo gear storage, yet none of them are casual enough [in my opinion] to carry around as an everyday bag.

Now, I’m aware that many companies make camera/purse/messenger bags (Kelly Moore, Epiphanie, and several others). Unfortunately, none of these companies currently make a bag that fit my personal style.

When I stumbled across ONA, I was in love. The Palma is a high-quality camera bag that fits everything that I need, is comfortable, and is 100% my style when it comes to fashion. It’s also fantastic, as it doesn’t scream “Hey, look! I have a camera in here!”

Pictured above: 5DMk3 + 50mm f/1.2, 35mm f/1.4, Wallet, Keys, iPad (the bulky original), Samsung Galaxy SIII (Phone)

Above: Everything fit and nothing was forced in. There’s plenty of room (height-wise) for a 135mm f/2, as opposed to the 35mm f/1.4 (pictured). As you can see: I didn’t use the front pocket, but it easily fit my wallet + phone.

Below: The back of the bag, with a pocket that comfortably fits an iPad.

Here’s a macro shot. The leather is beautiful and the stitching is so nice and high-quality. Not to mention, I love the color: Cognac.

Cardigan: Ann Taylor LOFT / Dress: Forever 21 / Belt: H&M / Shoes: Quintus79 / Bag: The Palma by ONA

If you’re a photographer reading this, I’d love to hear about your favorite camera bag! :)


DErek That’s a pretty rad bag!

dylan so cute.. I might have to get one for Sara..

Charity so jealous! I love it.

Andy Barnhart Nice. I like the look of that bag!

Kimberly Dunn Jones Super pretty!

Marcella Treybig-Photography SO CUTE! I love it. Great camera bag!

Carly Fuller Geeeeeking out over here! Love how euro this bag is. I think as photographers we all suffer from the bag obsessions :/ eeek haha I just bought the Shutterbag from Australia, and LOVE it but this one is so city friendly!! UGh another addition to my wishlist for 2013 haha

Mary Sylvia Ooo I do like, is it very heavy?

Mathias Cederholm Nice review with great photos to show all aspects of it. Need to get a larger bag myself too, but this is probably not my style, but it looks great.

Erin Lassahn Love how thorough you are- great review!

Shipra Panosian What a handsome Camera bag! And the colors and lighting in the photos..Super cute! Really wanting that bag!

Emilia Jane Such a cute bag!!

Cassie Great review! What a gorgeous bag!

tobiah Looks quality! Thanks for the review

Kelsie Taylor it’s lovely! i like the yellow paired with it.

Nathy I first saw this bag on Kendi Everyday, one of my favorite style bloggers:

It’s such a beautiful bag, and it’s so sneaky. You wear it so well here! I love your yellow cardigan.

My only issue with the bag is that my wallet, keys, small makeup bag, and cell phone would not fit. Of course, one that would fit everything at once would be way too huge and also very heavy.

Brea Super cute bag! I bought the Kelly Moore B-Hobo for wearing on portrait sessions and while shooting and it works really well for me. Like you said, I was searching for one that fit my personal style, and I would have loved to buy that bag even if it wasn’t a camera bag! I love the style of the bag that you chose, it’s so clean and cute and a little preppy :)

Teri Pozniak // tPoz Looks amazing!! I like the review!!

Kaylee Nicole I love my ONA bag too! It’s so nice, but since it it is big, can be heavy. Still, it’s amazing. I love it :)

Great post!


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